Information About Your Association and Community Services

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Desert Hills V HOA is located on the west side of Camino del Sol, 2 miles south of Continental Road - which has I-19 access and adjacent to the intersection of Camino del Sol and Encanto Blvd.

The HOA consists of 195 free-standing and attached properties.

Annual Dues:

Each lot is assessed $240 (current amount) on an annual basis for association dues, paid to the Association. Dues notices will be sent to the mailing address of record for the homeowner on October 1 and are payable by the end of November.

Green Valley Recreation (GVR) also assesses an annual fee for a required membership.

Transfer Fee:

When a property is sold there is a transfer fee of lesser amount, payable to the HOA, for changing ownership records. If this applies to you, please contact the Treasurer for the current fee amount but generally this is an automatic process handled by the title transfer company.

Community Service


Green Valley Water District, PO Box 623, Green Valley AZ 85622-0623. 520-625-9112 or emergency 520-625-9281
Water is billed monthly.

Residential Sewer Service

Tucson Water Services, City of Tucson
Customer Service: 520-791-3242
Service is billed monthly. When you register for water service, sewer service will be automatically started.
Note: For part time residents - you may contact Tucson Water Services for a minimum billing during the period your home is vacant.


Southwest Gas Corp.
3401E Gas Road
Tucson AZ 85714
Gas is billed monthly


Tucson Electric Power
P O Box 711
Tucson AZ 85702-0711
Electricity is billed monthly

Trash and Recycling:

DH-V HOA has one approved hauler for trash and recycling. This minimizes wear and tear on the private streets which the HOA is responsible for maintaining.

Titan Recycle and Trash
8375 North Oracle Road, Suite 100
Tucson AZ. 85704

The HOA has negotiated a common rate for all homeowners that provides for once a week pick up of trash and recycling - separate pass down the street for each. Pickup is on Monday, except for Monday Holidays when it is delayed one day. Trash must be in a container or a below-ground receptacle. If you do not have an in-ground container or want a roll-around cart, Titan can provide one for you for a one-time fee. Recycling can be put out in any kind of a container but you must provide it. SEE: Recycling Yes's and No's (PDF)

Accounts are handled with Titan by each homeowner. Check with the HOA for the current monthly fee. Billing is quarterly and can be suspended for periods of absence from Green Valley. If you any services beyond the above, arrange that with Titan.

Property Taxes:

Your property taxes are collected by Pima County. You can contact their office at:
Pima County Treasurer
Pima County Assessor

Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers:

601 N. La Canada Drive
Green Valley, AZ 85614-3440

Green Valley Recreation:

P. O. Box 586
Green Valley AZ 85622-0586

Green Valley Council:

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A vetted list of licensed and insured Contractors is maintained by Green Valley Council. Use the "Preferred Vendor" tab on their website - link in menu below.