Desert Hills V HOA

Acceptable house paint colors

An owner’s choice of color(s) - in a satin or similar finish - must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for evaluation and approval prior to completing any exterior painting on your home. 


While some exceptions have been made in the past (to the dissatisfaction of some HOA board members, and to some homeowners), the HOA intends to enforce a the policy of limiting color choices to “earth-tone” only.  The color(s) chosen may not “clash” with other finishes/surfaces on the remainder of the home.  This problem is most apparent with brick homes rather than with stucco.  Decisions on “clashing” will be made by the Architectural Committee in consultation with the homeowner; with the A/C making the final decision.  Unresolved disputes will be taken up by the HOA’s Board of Directors.  The preference is for you to select your colors from a Dunn-Edwards palette (again, in the earth tone colors), and assure that your choice of paint supplier can duplicate, or approximate to a high degree, that palette of colors.


Owners who choose to do exterior painting without proper approval may be required to repaint the disputed areas with approved colors.

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