Homeowner Responsibilities

By purchasing a home in Desert Hills V, an association governed by Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), you have agreed to follow a number of policies, rules and conditions for the use and maintenance of your property.
Here are some of the issues that occasionally come up and cause problems. Consult the Bylaws and the full CC&R document for the governing text.

Keep the HOA up-to-date on property information

The HOA needs correct information as to who owns a property, contact info, emergency contact info, non-local mailing address, etc. Use this link to get the Homeowner Information Form to submit updated information to the HOA. PDF FORM

Rental Units:

If you are renting your unit, you must provide the HOA with certain information. Print this PDF form and mail it back to us.

Consulting the Architectural Committee:

RESIDENTS (not contractors) must submit to the Architectural Committee - PRIOR TO ANY WORK BEING DONE - details on any modification to the exterior of the structure, walls, fences, mail boxes, exterior finish, any exterior painting with or without color changes, etc. This includes the attachment of devices and details previously not on the structure including satellite dishes. Changes to landscaping, lot design, plantings, decorative yard rock, etc. must also receive approval. You should consider that any addition or modification to anything on your property should be addressed to the architectural committee to determine if a formal review document must be submitted. See CC&R article 6. The architectural committee is very prompt about addressing any of these issues. Contact the Architectural Committee by emailing Terry Teale at this email address.

Maintenance of patio walls and drainage easement walls:

Each lot owner is responsible for the maintenance of any wall on their property and jointly and equally responsible for maintaining common patio walls and drainage easement walls. If a wall abuts a common area the owner of the lot containing the wall is responsible for the walls maintenance.

Weed Control:

Everyone needs to control plant and weed growth on their property. If you are a seasonal resident, you should have someone available to remove the plant and weed growth. For those homeowners who have a drainage easement at the back or side of your property, you and the homeowner behind you or beside you are jointly responsible for controlling plant and weed growth in the easement. Be a good neighbor and keep your property looking good. We are particularily concerned about removing several invasive species that are threatening native plants in SE Arizona - Bufflegrass, Fountain Grass, Prostrate Spurge and London Rocket. See this ID page.


Homeowner vehicles are required to be in a garage or carport at all times. Occasionally, outside parking is necessary for visitors, but should be limited to 72 hours or less. Recreation vehicles can only be parked in a garage, carport. Parking in front of your property with and RV is allowed for the purpose of loading and unloading only. Full details are in the CC&R.

Garage/Yard and Estate Sales

Contact HOA Board President to discuss parking issues. “IMPORTANT: try to limit parking to one side of street only – EMERGENCY TRAFFIC ISSUE”.

Trash Collection:

The HOA has negotiated a common rate for all homeowners with one hauler. This provides for once a week pick up of trash and recycling - separate pass down the street for each. Only this HOA hauler may be used. Contact information and pricing is on the “About DH-V” page.

Common Areas

The HOA is responsible for the maintenance of streets that are not county roads and landscape common areas. All the landscape areas are outside of the individual lot walls. These areas are: 1) Common area bordering Retorno de Anza; 2) Hillside along Camino del Sol; 3) Golf cart path connecting de Anza and the Rustica cul de sac; 4) Walking path and open area off de Anza between Hacienda and Manana; 5) Area from concrete bench next to Desert Hills IV to Hacienda; 6) Common ground behind the homes on Via Del Bac and the mine propery open desert; 7) Common area bordering the west side of Camino Mercado from de Anza south to Desert Hills IV.