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References labeled “CC&R” refer to document “Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Green Valley Desert Hills No.5”

References labeled “Bylaws” refer to the “Amended and Restated Bylaws of Green Valley Desert Hills No. 4, Inc.”

Both of these documents are found under the "HOA Documents & Forms" menu

HOA Governance, voting rights and assessments:

Q: What documents should I have in my possession about how the HOA is governed?
A: The Bylaws and the CC & R

Q: How often does the HOA Board meet?
A: The Board must meet at least twice per year, but typically schedules 4 meetings. Meeting dates are on the Events Page of the website.

Q: What are the voting rights for members of the HOA?
A: One vote is allowed for each lot owned. See Bylaws section 3.7 and CC&R Article 2 for details, including how multiple ownership is handled.

Q: When are HOA annual assessments levied?
A: Owners are notified of the assessment for the coming year on or about Oct.1st of the prior year. Fees are to be paid by Nov 30th to avoid delinquent status. Delinquent assessments become a lien against the property and voting rights may be revoked. Bylaws 3.1.3 and CC&R Article 3.

Q: Must I pay assessments to Green Valley Recreation (GVR).
A: Yes, all lots in Desert Hills No. 5 are included in GVR and the initial transfer fee and annual dues assessment run with the property. Unpaid GVR assessments are considered a lien on the property.

Changes to your house, lot and landscape - no matter how minor:

Q: What changes to the exterior of house and landscape must be approved by the HOA?
A: RESIDENTS (not contractors) must submit to the Architectural Committee - PRIOR TO ANY WORK BEING DONE - details on any modification to the exterior of the structure, walls, fences, mail boxes, exterior finish, any exterior painting with or without color changes, etc. This includes the attachment of devices and details previously not on the structure including satellite dishes. Changes to landscaping, lot design, plantings, decorative yard rock, etc. must also receive approval. You should consider that any addition or modification to anything on your property should be addressed to the architectural committee to determine if a formal review document must be submitted. See CC&R article 6. The architectural committee is very prompt about addressing any of these issues. Contact the Architectural Committee by emailing Terry Teale at this address: Architectural Committee

Q: What colors are allowed on houses?
A: Consult this list of approved colors, plus submit plant to the Architectural Committee as explained above.

Q: Can I add a free standing structure on my lot?
A: These are not allowed. CC&R 6.11


Q: Who handles trash collection and recycling?
A: Only the HOA approved vendor may collect trash and recycling. CC&R 7.13 and see the “About DH-V” page of this website for details.

Q: What can or cannot go into the Monday recycling pickup.
A: Read this pdf from Titan (PDF)

Q: What day is trash and recycling picked up?
A: Pick-up is on Mondays except holidays. In 2017 there is a one day delay in pick-up on these Mondays: May 29, Sept. 4, Dec. 25.

Q: How do I find a good contractor for maintenance work?
A: A vetted list of licensed and insured Contractors is maintained by Green Valley Council. Use the "Preferred Vendor" tab on their website - link in menu at left.

Q: Who is responsible for maintaining the patio wall separating two lots?
A: Both lot owners are equally responsible. If your patio wall abuts a common area, you are responsible for both sides of the entire wall. CC&R 4.7

Q: Who maintains drainage easement walls?
A: As above, lot owners with drainage walls behind them or between them are responsible for the wall maintenance and also for keeping the area clear of plant growth.

Q: Are window air conditioning units allowed?
A: Not in any window visible from the street or by your neighbor. CC&R 6.11.5

Q: Who maintains the street in front of my lot.
A: Streets directly in front of lots are private streets maintained by the HOA. Several through-streets in the HOA which are not residential streets, are maintained by PIMA County. See CC&R 4.3 for details.

Q: Who maintains the common areas?
A: The HOA is responsible for the common areas. All these are landscape areas outside of the individual lot walls. These areas are: 1) Common area bordering Retorno de Anza; 2) Hillside along Camino del Sol; 3) Golf cart path connecting de Anza and the Rustica cul de sac; 4) Walking path and open area off de Anza between Hacienda and Manana; 5) Area from concrete bench next to Desert Hills IV to Hacienda; 6) Common ground behind the homes on Via Del Bac and the mine propery open desert; 7) Common area bordering the west side of Camino Mercado from de Anza south to Desert Hills IV.

Q: Is the drainage easement behind my property a common area?
A: No. Drainage easements are the joint responsibility of the property owners abutting the easement. It is the owners' responsibility to keep the area clear of plant growth. CC&R 4.2

Q: What invasive plants should I be most concerned about?
A: Bufflegrass, Fountain Grass, London Rocket. See this ID sheet.

Ownership and use of property, parking

Q: Who can own property in Desert Hills 5?
A: Each property must be occupied by at least one person age 55 or older. There are special rules for deaths of spouses, and other co-habitants. CC&R 7.1

Q: Can I rent my unit?
A: Yes, but only the entire unit can be rented, not a portion thereof. CC&R 7.9

Q: Can I operate a business from my unit?
A: Only if it does not have a visible or noticeable presence. CC&R 7.4

Q: Can I park on the street?
A: Generally - no. You must use a garage or carport. There are temporary exceptions and exception for visitors. See CC&R 7.14

Q: Are recreational vehicles allowed?
A: No unless they fit in the standard garage or carport. There are rules for temporary parking and for visitor parking. See CC&R 7.14.2

Protection of your property

Q: I'm a seasonal resident, can my property be watched by someone why I'm not in Green Valley?
A: Yes, you can hire private house watch services plus you can have the Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers check your property once a week. There is a link to them on the "links" page.


Q: Does it ever snow in Green Valley?
A: Winter snow on the higher elevations of the Santa Ritas is common. Snow in the Valley is uncommon and its ephemeral.